House of the Decrepit

by Phantom Cadaver

  • Limited Edition Scrap Metal Gray Cassette

    C90 edition of 12 on scrap metal gray tape. High quality j-card with information insert included.

    Sold Out


Unrelenting. Harrowing. Ceaseless. Merciless. There's not much to let froth and tumble forth than has already been spoken, hushed or otherwise, about the USA's Phantom Cadaver. This tape embodies everything that harsh noise wall is, was, or ever will be. Timeless harshness.

CUBOID SLAB GALLERY is proud to present PHANTOM CADAVER'S "House of the Decrepit" in an edition of 12.

This is CSG6, and the totality of CSG Series-2.


released March 31, 2015



Cuboid Slab Gallery Eugene, Oregon

Harsh noise wall merchant and rostrum. Highly limited tapes in runs of 8, 10, 12. Series of 3 to 5 new titles. A sublabel of Glossolalia Records.

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